If anyone has any resources and is willing to do look-ups for others, please let me know, and I will include you on this page, with the name of the book, etc., that you might have. This could include information on your personal family tree. If you have access to a public library, National Archives or any other "place of research" and are willing to help others by looking up information, this is your page as well.

Resource Type of Information Contact
"Epitaphs In The
Only Stephentown
On Earth" by
Elizabeth W. McClave Book available for purchase
Epitaphs inscribed from many gravesites. Not all in town, but many. Also included cemetery information for each cemetery in town. (That info is available on this site) Needs volunteer!
"History of Rensselaer County, New York"
by Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester
Much of this information is on this site. This book was published in 1880 and contains many surnames of those who lived in the town at the time, as well as, in some cases, some genealogical information. Needs volunteer!
Stephentown Historical Albums (5 in all). These are available for purchase The fifth album is the history of the Stephentown Historical Society. The others are loaded with pictures of many former residents of Stephentown as well as some information about them. Needs volunteer!

Abstracts of Wills of Rensselaer Couonty
Historical Records of the West Stephentown Baptist Church
Historical Records of the Berlin Seventh Day Baptist Church
The 1767 Rensellaerwyck Manor Map
The 1880 Van Allen Map
Listing of Lansingburgh Cemeteries
Rensselaer County Gravestone Inscriptions
History of the Seventeen Towns of Rensselaer County
History of Rensselaer County NY (I have an index of names for this)

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