Everyone has their wish lists, and I am no different. My fondest wish is that this Stephentown site will grow into a valuable tool for everyone interested in the genealogy of the people of the town. In order to make this happen, I need your help. so, here is my "Most Wanted" list." If you find something (s) that you can contribute, please e-mail me, and let me know.

PICTURES - Ancestor pictures are Most Wanted. A description, dates, names, any information with the picture(s) would help.

STORIES - Any stories about families would be great. Interesting is best. Sad is okay. Anything would be great.

DONE CENSUS - I have access online to all Federal census reports and I wish to get them transcribed and put on this site. If you would like to help, let me know and I will get you started.

STATE CENSUS - If anyone has access to New York State Census Reports,and would be willing to transcribe them, please let me know. These would be very valuable to researchers.

GENEALOGIES - If you have your family's genealogy or any part thereof, and have it online, please let me put a link to your webpage, so others can view it. If you have it on hard copy and want to send it to me so I can transcribe it and put it on the site, email me with the details.

ADOPT A SURNAME - On the surname page, there are many surnames that need "filling out." Please adopt one or more and help us to get the full picture. If one of the surnames is in your family, and you have information, please let me know.

LOOK-UP VOLUNTEERS - If you have any books, or have access to any resources that could help others in their research, please, contact me and I will add your name to our volunteer list. Sharing information is one of the best parts of genealogy.

I will add to the list as things occur to me. Please check the page often for additions.