Stephentown's Many Cemeteries

Below is a transcription of some of the small cemeteries in Stephentown. The original database, which contains some 93,000 names, is housed on the Rensselaer County site. It was contributed by Don & Clare Radz, from Cemetery Sleuths. This database includes all of the towns in Rensselaer County. To help with Stephentown research, I have transcribed burials in the smaller, family owned cemeteries. Where I can, I will include some of the epitaphs as well.


Contains four gravesites and was used from 1784 to 1820. It can be located as follows: On the hill above the corner of Losty and Southard Roads. Removed to the Orphan Gravestone Cemetery at the Heritage Center.


Adams, Ednah Allyn Oct. 31, 1769 – Aug. 23, 1846 m. James Adams, Jr. d/o Ednah Lathrop & Jacob Lathrop

Adams, James Feb. 6, 1732/3 – April 1, 1807 74y m. Mary Randall s/o Hanah Wheeler & Nathaniel Adams

Stebbins, Sarah Apr. 2, 1764 – Mar. 9, 1796 31y d/o Sarah Turner & Jebez Stebbins



Arnold, George Oct. 20. 1754 – Mar. 22, 1829 m. Mary Hopkins s/o Freelove Burlingame and James Arnold
Arnold, Mary Hopkins April 15, 1760 – Apr. 15, 1803 m. George Arnold d/o Zilpha Gorton & Joseph Hopkins
Arnold, Polly d. Feb. 23, 1870 72y2m m. Simon Arnold
Arnold, Phebe Moffitt b. Apr. 2, 1795 d. ? d/o Mary Hopkins & George Arnold
Infant son d. Oct. 3, 1860 3m s/o Mary J. & Simon
Infant son d. Feb. 6, 1814 13; s/o Phebe
Infant son d. Nov. 28, 1822; s/o Polly & Simon


George Arnold d. 1829
"This stone is erected to perpetuate his memory by his son Simon Arnold."


Briggs, George A. d. Jan. 18, 1844; 25y
Briggs, John A. d. Apr. 20, 1859; 15y5m8d; s/o G.A. Briggs & G.A. Briggs


George A. Briggs 1819-1844

"Thou art gone to the grave,
But we will not deplore thee,
God gave thee he took thee and
He will restore thee."



Eleaser Oct. 27, 1748-Mar. 24, 1833; 83y; m. Anna Dyer; s/o Freelove Burlingame & James Arnold
Elijah d. Dec. 1, 1825; 32y
Lorin d. Mar. 3, 1847; 46y
Lovancy d. Sept. 24, 1823; 20y
Lydia d. May 21, 1844; 26y
Mary d. Mar. 26, 1864; 84y7m15d; m. Samuel Arnold
Oris d. June 25, 1815; 16y
Samuel d. Nov. 20, 1859; 85y2m4d; m. Mary
Sarah d. Nov. 20, 1819; 50y m. Daniel Arnold
Simon d. Apr. 7, 1863; 75y5m27d; m. Polly


The Bailey Cemetery was used from 1834 to 1898 and contains 11 gravesites. It is located as follows: On Garfield Road .45 mile east from Horse Heaven Road, on left, just after the swamp. It is 300' from the road, on a mound, in middle of field.


Laura d. Dec. 30, 1870; 26y5m9d; m. William H. Bailey
Louisa d. Mar. 16, 1834; 3y10m; d/o Sally & Silas
Mary M. Strait d. Dec. 31, 1857; 42y1m14d
Mary Ophelia d. Mar. 24, 1834; 2y7m3d; d/o Sally Ann Clifford & Silas Bailey, Jr.
Nancy Turner 1817-1898; m. Edmund Bailey; d/o Anna Turner& William Turner
Olive Sweetland June 19, 1776 – June 17, 1868; m. Silas Bailey; d/o Eunice Root & David Sweetland
Orry d. (no date available) 8y9m25d
Orry d. Jan. 19, 1860; 49y4m18d; s/o Olive & Silas
Rachel Sophia d. July 31, 1848
Silas May 10, 1770 – June 30, 1841 s/o Ruth Clark & Samuel Bailey, Jr.


Edmund Bailey 1808-1898
Nancy Turner Bailey 1817-1898

"At Rest"

Laura A. Bailey 1844-1870

"And when around thy quiet hearth
Thy children fondly meet
What anguish fills the inmost soul
To see that vacant seat
But why indulge these thoughts of grief
Why should we thus complain
To what to us is loss severe
Is her eternal gain"

Mary M. Strait Bailey 1815-1857

"Rest loved one rest, we see thee through the gloom
The rainbow of promise appears in the skies
We leave thee to slumber awhile in the Tomb
Till the Trump of the Angels shall bid thee arise"

Stephen d. March 23, 1851; 49y


Abigail d. Mar. 17, 1821; 3y11m25d; d/o Eunice Bailey & Henry Hayes
Eunice Bailey d. Mar. 30, 1852; 56y5m14d; m. Henry Hayes; d/o Olive Sweetland & Silas Bailey
Henry Oct. 1792 – 1840 s/o Eleanor Boughton & William Hayes
Infant d. Dec. 17, 1825


Henry A. 1849-10/2/1852 3y s/o Eleanor & Mortimer James


Henry A. 1849-1852

"Sleep on sweet child and take thy rest
God call'd thee home when he thought best"


Lavina d. 1/31/1875 84y


Lavinia Knappen 1794-1875

"Gone but not forgotten"


The Cranston Cemetery was used from 1847 to 1947 and contains 15 gravessites. It can be located as follows: At junction of Cranston Hill, Newton and West Roads. Large obelisk and stone wall, easily seen.


Edgar H. 1874-1875
Fanny Cranston 1850-1924


Herman M. 1845-1917 m. Augusta Cranston


Simon June 26, 1784 – Dec. 30, 1847; m. Elizabeth Tanner
Sophronia Feb. 16, 1831 – Aug. 12, 1858
Augusta 1844-1932 m. Herman M. Brimmer
Byron B. Aug. 28, 1887 – Oct. 28, 1890
Charles H. July 13, 1857 – Mar. 4, 1860 s/o John
Edwin A. 1825-1862
Elizabeth July 23, 1842 – Oct. 20, 1927
Elizabeth 1874-1947
Henry R. June 21, 1818 – Oct. 18, 1886
Gustavus Y. 1838-1844
Henry Oct. 7, 184- - Feb. 4, 1907 (James Henry)
Maria Feb. 1, 1807 – Nov. 5, 1872
Mary E. Denison d. Sept. 11, 1860; m. T. B. Cranston
Mary E. Gardner 1827-1896
Phebe M. Jan. 20, 1821 – Apr. 20, 1905
Simon June 26, 1784 – Dec. 30, 1847; m. Elizabeth Tanner
Sophronia Feb. 16, 1831 – Aug. 12, 1858
William L. Apr. 13, 1823 – Nov. 5, 1847


Bertha Brimmer 1869-6/20/1916 m. Julius Townsend Rose d/o Augusta Cranston Brimmer & Herman Brimmer


Elizabeth 8/21/1785 - 7/1/1857 m. Simon Cranston


The Root Cemetery was used from 1795 to 1923 and there are 39 gravesites. It can be located as follows: This is a triangle on the east side of Saddleback Ridge Road on Tayer Road.


Amanda d. 1842 21y11m2d; d/o Anna Bristol & Daniel Beers
Daniel d. Apr. 28, 1860; 74y11m2d; m. Anna Bristol; s/o Esther Stuart & John Beers
Elizabeth Oct. 7, 1788 – May 7, 1843; 43y4m3d; m. Samuel Beers
Infant d. Mar. 15, 1848; 3y; child of Sarah & Edmond Beers
Infant d. Mar. 15, 1848; 6w child of Sarah & Edmond Beers
John d. Feb. 4, 1847
Lucy d. June 24, 1854; 66y9m; m. Isaac Finch; d/o Esther Stuart & John Beers
Nathan 1848-Sept. 22, 1850; 2y1m; s/o Sarah & Edmond Beers
Samuel d. June 17, 1863; 72y11m1d; m. Elizabeth


Daniel Beers 1786-1860

"Help Lord for the godly man ceaseth;
for the faithful fail from among the
children of men"


Lydia 1806-May 8, 1842; 36y; m. Royal Dickinson


Samantha d. Oct. ?; m. Orrie Harris


Calvin July 14, 1792 – Nov. 22, 1798; s/o Mary Bush & Abijah Bush


Elisha Jan. 1, 1779 – Feb. 23, 1857; 75y; m. Diana Diamond; s/o Phenia Whitney & Abel Guile


Lucy d. 3.27/1869 83y


George 9/14/1796 - 3/12/1868 71y6m m. Lydia Shaver s/o Elizabeth Kilmer & Zachariah Phillips
Jeremiah d. 12/17/1841 s/o Maria Phillips & David
Lydia 1794-1863


Clarrey J. d. 1/21/1863 1y4m6d m. James Seeley
John d. 9/25/1861 3y7m12d s/o James


Henry Sikes d. 3/18/1865 79y3m23d m. Margaret
Horace 1827-1903 Co. E. 125 Reg. NYV Civil War
Margaret d. 2/27/2864 76y1m5d m. Henry


Alanson d. 9/8/1803 2y3m4d s/o Rachel & Elihu Webster


Ebenezer 1752-2/21/1812 60y2m22d
Sylvester d. 2/12/1817 32y1m12d


Betsey Lester d. 3/25/1808 31y4m2d m. Jarand Root
Charlotte Deborah 1801-1827
Edmond d. 3/23/1795 3m13d s/o Sally & Winthrop
Electa Betsey 12/8/1806 - 8/4/1842 35y7m2d
Electa Mariah d. 11/28/1798 12m21d d/o Sally & Winthrop
Elizabeth Irene 1/30/1798 - 3/31/1837 39y3m1d d/o Jarard Rood
Jarard Lester 8/1/1803 - 6/9/1847 43y9m1d
Jarard Sr. 3/23/1772 - 9/22/1849 77y6m m. Betsey s/o Elizabeth Shepard & Azariah Root
Sally Penfield b. 1770 d. 8/14/1798 28y5m29d m. Winthrop Root


Betsey Lester Root 1777-1808

"Off from my side my dearest half is torn
The other liv's yet liv's to mourn" Cut by Adamson, Pittsfield

Charlotte Deborah 1801-1827

"Wisper, how transient is our earthly sleep
Today we laugh, tomorrow we weep
Then O Divine, here time be nigh
O teach us how to live and die"

A youth whose piety did shine
With purest rays serene
But soon alas the brittle band
Is broken by an icy hand
And Death closes the scene"


Benjamin Franklin May 15, 1826 – Mar. 27, 1902; m. Phebe Young
Clarinda Feb. 21, 1869; 69y9m; m. William Clark
William d. Mar. 22, 1876; 80y7m23d; m. Clarinda


Clarinda Clark 1799-1869

"Gone but not forgotten"


Sarah A. d. Feb. 14, 1859; 4y2m


Sarah A. Daniels 1854-1859

"Infants are pure"


AvisSimkins 1804-Sept. 18, 1868; 64y; m. John Dymond
Lewis E. d. Apr. 11, 1860; 11m13d; s/o George C. Dymond
Joanna 1836-July 9, 1836; 3m; d/o Avis & John Dymond
John d. Dec. 18, 1881; 71y; m. Avis Simkins
Samuel 1833-July 20, 1853; 20y, s/o Avis & John Dymond
Samuel 1858-Dec. 3, 1860; 2y17d; s/o Angeline & John


Lewis E. Dymond (Dimond) 1859-1861 (dates differ between Rens. Cty. Cem. Rec. and stone:

"Beneath this stone in sweet repose
Is laid a mother's dearest prize
A flower that had scarce waked to life
and light, and beauty, ere it died"


G.G. d. Dec. 8, 1854; 40y
Mary L. 1844-Aug. 25, 1845; 10m; d/o Eveline & Gennett Bennett


Joseph 1833-1900; Co. K., 176 Reg. NY Vols.
Lydia d. May 17, 1870; 70y4m
Mercy d. Apr. 18, 1843; 61y; m. Benoni Briggs (wife #2)
Mercy d. Oct. 23, 1816; 30y; m. Benoni Briggs (wife #1)
Mary Mar. 25, 1755-Aug. 23, 1851; 96y4m; m. William Kittle; d/o Rebecca Brayton & Robert Carr


Jane Lee 1829-Sept. 26, 1871; 42y4d; m. George W.


Silas B. Sept. 29, 1884 – March 29, 1885; s/o Martha & William


The Reynolds Cemetery was used from 1785 to 1829 and contains 7 gravesites. It can be located as follows: From Jones Road go north on East Road .5 mile to a trace on the left. Proceed down through a field, cross the brook, up the hill to the right and over the surrounding stone wall you will find the cemetery.


Elizabeth Mar. 24, 1814 – June 17, 1788????; 74y; m. Benoni Hall; d/o Lydia David Carpenter & Isaac Gardner


Benoni d. June 18, 1785; 26y; m. Elizabeth Gardner
Elizabeth 1714-1768
Oliver d. Mar. 11, 1798; 19y6m3d
Sarah Sept. 19, 1749-April 27, 1813; 63y29d; m. Henry Reynolds in 1778; d/o Elizabeth Gardner & Benoni Hall
William d. April 15, 1815; 71y; m. Lydia Reynolds; s/o Penelope Gardner & William Hall; Wm. & Lydia m. Dec. 10, 1771; in-laws Robert & Anna Gardner Reynolds

Stephentown/GARDNER UPPER #4

Gardner Upper Cemetery was used 1789 to 1813 and contains 4 gravesites. It is located as follows: .25 mile from Orchard Street, on Madden Road to path up the steep hill, on the right. Go up this hill to the top and across about 50'.


Elcy C. d. Mar. 4, 1816; m. Joshua
Job d. March 9, 1806; 76y; m. Hannah Briton; s/o Elizabeth Howland & Benjamin Gardner
Joshua d. Oct. 5, 1829; 87y; m. Elcy C. & Mercy Tanner (m. on Feb. 22, 1763); s/o Elizabeth Howland & Benjamin Gardner
Powell d. Dec. 20, 1817; 52y; (Esquire)
Louise d. June 28, 1793; 41y; m. Simeon; (first wife)


Lower Gardner Cemetery had 4 gravesites, but does not have any stones today. It is located as follows: .25 mile from Orchard Street, on Madden Road, to path up the steep hill, on the right. Go up about 15' to the first level.


Dorcas 1750-June 28, 1813; m. Simeon (second wife)
Olin (no dates); s/o Elizabeth & Benjamin Gardner


The Fellows Cemetery was used from 1813-1904 and contains 26 gravesites. It can be located as follows: .5 mile from South Stephentown Road on Hager Road, there is a roadway leading to the left. Follow this until it starts to turn to the right, you park and walking, turn to the left. Cross the field ahead, at an angle and up the hillock.


Benjamin J. d. Jan. 10, 1860; 87y
Diadmia 1779-July 14, 1820; 41y; m. Benjamin
Elizabeth d. Mar. 3, 1813; 43y; m. Oliver Chapman
Nathaniel 1751-Feb. 1813; 61y; m. Mary Spencer on Sept. 22, 1794; d/o Anna Frey & Job Gardner


Mary 1/28/1750 - 3/2/1813 64y m. Nathaniel Gardner d/o Penelope and Michael Spencer


Hannah 1790-9/11/1815 47y m. Adin Swan (b. 5/13/1764, s/o Joseph & Mary Miner Swan)

Stephentown/SHAW #1

Shaw #1 and Shaw #2 Cemeteries were used from 1783 to 1826 and contained 20 gravesites. It can be located as follows: From Jones Road go south on East Road 1 mile to a field, just south of a house. Walk across this field and go into the woods about 15'.

Geer, Abigail 1801-Mar. 17, 1824; 22y; m. George


The Briggs Cemetery was used from 1812 to 1870 and contains 7 gravesites. It can be located as follows: Removed from East Road to Stephentown Cemetery.

Benoni G. d. Feb. 4, 1812; 4y
Benoni d. Feb. 24, 1853; 68y7m24d; m. Mercy; s/o Cary Briggs
Cary d. Jan. 12, 1837; 84y
Elizabeth Nov. 25, 1755 – 1838; 81y; d/o Elizabeth Gardner Hall & Benoni Hall


The Berry Cemetery was used from 1803 to 1863 and contains 5 gravesites. It can be located as follows: .2 mile from south entrance to Adams Road, take the long driveway up the steep hill to just below house and it is on the left.


Elisha d. Mar. 14, 1803; 71y; m. Judeith
Elisha, 3rd, d. Dec. 11, 1819; 31y
Judeith d. Apr. 8, 1816; 63y; m. Deacon Elisha Berry 2nd


Russell 8/1/1789-1/8/1813 24y s/o Esther & Samuel Vary


The Brown Cemetery was used in 1893. It contains 2 gravesites. Located as follows: From C.C.C. Dam Road in Cherry Plain, go south on Black River Road for about 1 mile, to the top of the hill. Turn left. On the immediate right, up a 5' bank, is the cemetery. Metal posts in corners hold up a metal cable around it.


Louisa E. 1840-Dec. 26, 1893; 53y; m. George C.


The Brockway Cemetery was used from 1817 to 1867 and contains 5 graves. Located as follows: On east side of Route 22, .4 mile south of Pease Road, on the east side of the road.


Abigail d. April 11, 1867; 88y; m. Simeon; (third wife)
Simeon Oct. 22, 1754-Sept. 8, 1817; 62y; m. Abigail; d/o Elizabeth Olin & Benjamin Gardner (third wife)
Simeon R. d. May 9, 1831; 14y; s/o Abigail & Simeon


Simeon Gardner 1754-1817

"The will of God is accomplished!
So be it!"


The James Cemetery was used from 1795 to 1845 and contains 3 gravesites. Located as follows: 1.9 miles from Garfield Road on Horse Heaven Road. Go up the driveway to the old gravel pit. It is to the left and up the hill a short distance, on the rim of the pit.


Davis, Phebe d. Dec. 11, 1823; 93y


Polly d. 7/22/1795 31y m. Amos James Broken Marker



Isabel d. Jan. 11, 1825; m. Frederick Dobbs


Esther d. Nov. 12, 1880; 78y7m; m. William D. Spencer


Martha d. Apr. 20, 1834; 65y7m4d; Samuel


Hanna Hette d. 12/27/1851 1y2d d/o Phebe & George


Mariah d. 4/30/1830 39y m. William


Emily Jane d. 7/9/1857 32y4m24d m. Barnabus M. Smith


William D. d. 10/24/1868 66y6m21d m. Esther Griffin


Aphira d. 2/10/1866 76y8d m. Meshack Strait
Atty E. 1826-1901 m. Joseph Willson
Confucious d. 2/10/1843 10y4m s/o Hannah Strait & Shadrach Strait
Hannah 3/4/1792 - 12/23/1871 79y9m19d m. Shadrach
Henry 1873-8/18/1873 7m16d s/o Abbie Burton & James H. Strait
James H. 1836-1906 m. Abbie Burton
Isabel d. 1/11/1825 m. Frederick Strait
Josephine M. d. 12/11/1876 20y d/o Mary & Orry
Mary d. 7/29/1843 80y
Orry G. 1/5/1829 - 11/23/1903 m. Mary Woodward
Patty 1826-1901 m. Joseph Willson


Appalonia D. d. 9/8/1854 27y8m m. William Teal d/o Lucy Walley & John L. Walley
John L. d. 11/26/1868 67y4m12d m. Lucy
Lucy d. 9/14/1866 61y6m19d m. John L.
Martha d. 12/2/1852 19y10d



Anna d. Nov. 30, 1875; 84y d/o Thankful Root & Asa Eddy
Asa 1790-Feb. 3, 1828; 75y4m21d; m. Thankful Root; s/o Ann Everts & Asa Eddy
Deborah M. d. Oct. 22, 1848; 29y; m. Asa, s/o Jerusha Bishop& Ira
Elliot G. d. Sept. 14, 1848; 8w3d; s/o Deborah M. & Asa
Infant son d. Oct. 10, 1830; 2w1d; s/o Jerusha & Ira
Ira d. Sept. 21, 1849; 64y8m19d; s/o Thankful & Asa
Jerusha Bishop d. Mar. 18, 1876; 86y2m6d; m. Ira Eddy; d/o Jerusha Roberts Bishop & Moses Bishop
Roswell C. d. Aug. 22, 1847; 4m28d; s/o Deborah & Asa
Thankful Root d. Sept. 26, 1845; 87y2m23d; m. Asa; d/o Mary Stebbins Root & Thomas Root


Anna Eddy 1790-1875

"Tis finished, tis done, the spirit is fled
The prisoner is gone, the Christian is dead
The Christian is living, throught Jesus' love
And gladly receiving a kingdom above"

Asa Eddy 1753-1828

"Stop, travellar as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now you soon must be
Then be prepared to follow me"

Deborah M. Eddy 1819-1848

Dearest companion, thou hast left me
Here thy loss I deeply feel
But tis God that has bereft me
He can all my sorrows heal"

Elliot G. Eddy 1848-1848

"Sleep on sweet babe, thy peaceful head
Lie slumbering in the ground
Naught shall distrub thy quiet bed
Untill the trumpets sound"

Infant son of Ira & Jerusha Eddy 1830-1830

"We mourn dear babe they early doom
But not in dark dispare of gloom
For faith and hope shall scatter
Till we shall meet thee there"

Ira Eddy 1785-1849

"Dearest husband, fare thee well
Thou has gone with Christ to dwell
And left thy friends on earth below
Amidst a world of care and woe"

Jerusha Bishop Eddy 1790-1876

"Why do we mourn for dying friends
Or shake at Death's alarms
Tis but the voice that Jesus sends
To call them to his arms"

Roswell C. Eddy 1847-1847

"Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade
Death came with friendly care
The opening bud to Heaven convey'd
And made it blossom there"

Thankful Eddy 1758-1845

"Companion thou has gone to Jesus
There the pleasing theme to swell
But again we hope to meet thee
Dearest companion, fare thee well"



Laura S. d. Feb. 18, 1868; 1y2m5d; d/o Louisa Permelia James & Henry Hayes


Baby dau. D. Feb. 1869; d/o Estella A. & Emmet Hicks
Libbie d. Feb. 14, 1860; 8y6m; d/o Estella A. & Emmet Hicks
Nellie Jan. 7, 1884; 6y; d/o Estella & Emmet


Alexander d. Aug. 17, 1867; 1y1m9d; s/o Catharine & Joseph Hiesler


Benjamin d. 11/29/1851 88y4m m. Phebe Tayer
George 10/7/1777 - 2/2/1851 m. Amy Tayer
John P. d. 1/9/1850 28y
John P. 2/13/1822 - 2/9/1850 28y m. Charlotte Tayer
Joseph d. 7/18/1867 69y6m17d m. Lydia Bennett
Josephine M. d. 7/13/1851 d/o Charlotte J. & John P.
Laura d. 10/12/1857 30y m. Elisha Greenfield Hayes d/o Lydia Tayer & Joseph Tayer
Phebe d. 3/3/1842 77y4m m. Benjamin Tayer


Hellen d. 1/20/1879 44y m. John J. Webster


Abraham J. d. 10/24/1846 84y m. #1 Jerusha; #2 Chloe
Chloe d. 12/4/1848 75y m. Abraham
Harvey d. 2/12/1853 55y

Stephentown/HARRINGTON #1


Anna d. Sept. 11, 1840; 64y; m. Benjamin
Benjamin d. Nov. 10, 1832; 62y; m. Anna
Benjamin, Jr. d. May 6, 1867; 63y

Stephentown/HARRINGTON #2


John A. May 1, 1795 – 1858; m. Mary Rounds; s/o Nancy Anner Harrington & Samuel, Jr.
Lorenzo D. April 6, 1818 – May 10, 1901; m. Sarah Ann Trites; s/o Mary Rounds & John A. Harrington
Mary Rounds 1796-1875 m. John A. Harrington
Nancy Anner m. Samuel, Jr.
Samuel Jr. 1769- ?; m. Nancy Anner



Mary d. 1899 (stone not readable)


John d. 3/4/1827 78y


Cyrene d. 7/21/1861 65y m. Elisha Waterman
Dwight C. d. 5/23/1874 48y
Elisha d. 3/10/1865 72y m. Cyrene
Frank d. 3/13/1890 17y3m Rosilia & Sylvanus
Harvey d. 7/26/1879 50y m. Jane Orcelia
Ira d. 8/28/1888 71y10m m. Louisa
Julia d. 2/23/1881 7y8m s/o Mary & Ira
Juliette (infant) d. 4/12/188-
Loduska d. 2/22/1855 17y child of Cyrene & Elisha
Louisa d. 5/1837 39y
Orson d. 7/21/1865 31y
Sarahette d. 4/1/1882 10d
Wilton d. 3/13/1876 1y6m13d s/o Rocelia & Sylvanus
Wyatt d. 6/12/1859 3y11m7d Jane Orcelia & Harvey



Mahala d. June 19, 1850; 21y; d/o Deborah & John Harrington
Mary d. Feb. 24, 1848; 78y; m. Theophilus


Benjamin d. 10/14/1811 36y5m


Eliza 9/11/1824 15m2d


Ancil d. 1/13/1844 14y9m2d s/o Pede Snow & Jacob Snow
Elgy Louisa d. 5/9/1850 10m d/o Pede & Jacob Snow
Elizabeth Louisa d. 5/9/1850 10m d/o Pede & Jacob Snow
John Westley d. 9/6/1846 11y11m16d s/o Pede & Jacob Snow


Amy P. 1804-1890 m. Joseph R. Wier
Joseph R. 1801-1855 m. Amy P.



Polly d. Apr. 7, 1811; 48y; m. Jonathan Greenman; d/o Mary & Samuel Hinckley



Almira A. d. Mar. 3, 1823; 3m; d/o Ruth Odell & Benjamin Hoxie
Benjamin K. d. Sept. 12, 1842; 25y; s/o Ruth Odell & Benjamin Hoxie
Benjamin K. d. Apr. 21, 1839; 60y in Hopkinton, RI; m. Ruth Odell; s/o Edie Kenyon & William Hoxie
Reeve d. June 11, 1858; 37y; s/o Ruth & Benjamin


Jonathan M., Jr. d. 4/25/1818 24y s/o M. Maxon & ---- Lillibridge; unmarried hatter
Maxon d. 3/4/1811 24y brother of Jonathan M.


Charity Tifft d. 8/31/1848 40y c/o Eunice Tifft & Robert Odell
Eunice d. 1860 77y
Eunice M. 1821-4/4/1871 50y d/o Runice Tifft & Robert Odell
Eunice Tifft b. 1783 - (she was still living in 1860, age 77 in Stephentown)
Nathan G. 1813-6/2/1829 16y s/o Eunice & Nathan
Martha d. 3/25/1855 63y m. John K. Odell
Robert S. 1780-8/28/1860 80y s/o William
Ruth d. 1/2/1842 55y m. Benjamin Hoxie
Simeon J. d. 8/6/1825 1y s/o Eunice & Robert
Thales G. 1831-10/27/1835 4y child of Lydia Hinckley & Robert, JR.
William S. d. 2/9/1812 25y s/o Martha & John



Luella d. June 19, 1863; 3y7m6d


Luella Hunt 1860-1863

"Jesus little children blessed
Luella in His arms doth rest"

Stephentown/BOARDMAN #2

Boardman Cemetery was used from 1795 to 1864 and contains 13 gravesites. Located as follows: On east side of Route 22, .4 mile south of Pease Road on the east side of the road.


Arvin d. Jan. 15, 1852; 2y7m
Daniel N. d. Jan 5, 1853; 33y7m4d
Jared d. Feb. 8, 1839; 55y6m
Lucretia E. d. Sept. 28, 1838; 20y7m; m. A.B. Harrison
Orilla J. d. Dec. 15, 1851; 2y7m
Phebe J. Shout d. Oct. 21, 1849; 35y6m; m. William H. Harrison


Mary A. d. 7/30/1839 1y10m d/o Maria & William C.

Stephentown/HARRIS #1 (NICHOLAS)

Harris #1 Cemetery was used from 1790 to 1837 and contains 5 gravesites. Located as follows: These stones were removed from North Stephentown and Route 22 to Albany Rural Cemetery, Lot 28, Section 41, on Oct. 30, 1902.


Cynthia Jan 24, 1785-Sept. 17, 1799; 14y; d/o Phebe & Nicholas
Lorenzo Aug. 28, 1792 – June 19, 1814; 22y
Nicholas Aug. 26, 1749 in Scituate, RI – April 22, 1819; 70y; m. Phebe Tibbitts; s/o Patience & Jedediah
Phebe Nov. 22, 1781 – Feb. 7, 1790; 84y; d/o Phebe & Nicholas

Stephentown/HARRIS #2 (EDWARD)

Harris #2 Cemetery was used from 1763 to 1846 and contained 2 gravesites. Stones removed to Garfield Cemetery.


Edward d. Oct. 14, 1846; 83y
Hannah d. Mar. 20, 1845; 6m3d; d/o A.J. & William


Sheldon Cemetery was used from 1782 to 1828 and contains 10 gravesites. It is located as follows: This was a joint cemetery with the Adams #1, had a fence surrounding it, with an arch entrance. Was removed to Stephentown Cemetery in 1954.


Lucy d. Sept. 20, 1828; 60y; m. Stephen Sheldon


Alanson d. 5/6/1819 27y
Joseph 3/17/1722 in S. Kingston, RI - 3/10/1786 m. Ruth Burdick s/o Susanna Potter & Isaac Sheldon
Lucy 8/17/1793 - 9/10/1794 d/o Lucy & Stephen
Stephen d. 1/19/1813 50y s/o Anna Allen & Benjamin Sheldon

Stephentown/ROWLAND HALL


Oliver no dates
Rowland no dates

Stephentown/HUNTINGTON #1

Huntington #1 Cemetery was used from 1832 to 1897 and contains 7 gravesites. Located 1.6 miles from Gentile Road on Garfield Road, just before the top of the hill hill, follow the logging road to the right. Walk in to the right about 100' and 50' to the right is the cemetery.


Ezekiel, Jr. Mar. 30, 1790 – Mar. 13, 1878 87y11m; m. Mary E. Cowan; s/o Phebe Berry & Ezekiel
Joseph C. 1826-May 3, 1876; 50y2m
Julia E. Feb. 2, 1897; 78y7m17d; m. Henry Cowan; d/o Phebe Berry & Ezekiel
Phebe July 31, 1859; 67y7m6d; m. Ezekiel, Jr.
William F. Aug. 17, 1832; 11m; s/o Phebe & Ezekiel

Stephentown/HUNTINGTON #2

Huntington #2 Cemetery was used from 1840 to 1893 and contains 24 gravesites. Located 1.3 miles from Gentile Road on Garfield Road. Take driveway on left into the woods about 100' and it is 50' on the right.


Calvin Thomas 1814-Mar. 10, 1893; s/o Phebe Berry & Ezekiel, Jr.
Edgar d. July 6, 1844; 2m; s/o Mary & Calvin T.
Edwin d. Oct. 24, 1841; 6m; s/o Mary & Calvin T.
Elvira May 21, 1844-April 28, 1847; 2y11m; s/o Maryette & George W.
Ezekiel Nov. 1764 – Feb. 15, 1844; 79y; m. Zilfah Converse; s/o Rachel Marringer & Ezekiel
George Washington Mar. 3, 1816 – Nov. 8, 1899; m. Mary Etta Upham; s/o Phebe Berry & Ezekiel, Jr.
Lafayette Oct. 27, 1842 – Dec. 10, 1842; 1m14d; s/o Mary E. & George Washington
Lorilla March 2, 1848 – Feb. 25, 1850; 1y11m4d
Mary d. Mar. 13, 1845; 30y; m. Calvin
Infant dau. D. May 12, 1840; 3m; d/o Mary & Calvin T.


Oliver d. 11/12/1845 53y


Oliver Libby 1891-1845

“He is gone to his rest”


Sarah d. 11/12/1845 2d d/o L. & R. Pomeroy


Eliza d. 9/30/1860 5y7m3d d/o Sarah & Jared (possibly d. of diphtheria)
Mary Ann d. 2/13/1866 36y8m5d m. Jared B. Surdam
Mary B. d. 10/2/1860 3y17d d/o Sarah & Jared (possibly d. of diphtheria)
Sarah J. d. 9/27/1860 8y3m20d d/o Sarah & Jared (possibly d. of diphtheria)
Sylvester d. 6/19/1880 20y s/o Sarah & Jared


Clarinda 1859-10/9/1862 9y6m d/o Susan & Jeffery Thomas
Palmira d. 9/21/1843 20y3m6d


Milton d. 5/21/1871 78y9m m. Rhoda A. Williams
Rhoda A. d. 10/10/1869 76y9m m. Milton Williams


The Bennett Cemetery was used from 1832 to 1885 and contains 12 gravesites. Located .4 mil from South Stephentown Road, on Wemple Road, take the path on right, down through the hay field to the left corner, into the woods and go about 25', turn right and up the hill.


Eliza d. May 22, 1853; 40y6m; m. George


The Senter Cemetery came into use in 1970 and is still in use. It contains 3 gravesites. It is located as follows: On Route 43, about 300’ east of Staples Road, up into the woods about 75’.


Edgar Elliot 9/3/1926 – s/o Frances & John Senter
John Elliott 1895-1971 m. Frances Olivia Nicholson
John William 12/12/1930 – 3/29/1979 s/o Frances & John Senter
Richard Gene b. 8/11/1932 – s/o Frances & John Senter
Frances Olivia Nicholson Senter 1898-1970

Stephentown/ROSE #1

The Rose #1 Cemetery was used from 1787 to 1838 and contains 10 gravesites. It is located as follows: 1.1 miles from Newton Road, along West Road, on the left. Go up driveway, up steps on right and across the lawn into the woods, about 20’.


Abigail Frink Thurston d. 9/16/1838 68y m. twice; common law wife of John Rose; d/o Jonas Frink & Solomon Thurston
Deidamia 1/1/1876 – 6/13/1826 40y m. John Rose
Deidamia 6/25/1826 – 8/1828 2y d/o of John and Deidamia
Elizabeth 1785-4/3/1787 1y d/o Thankful Tanner & Wiat Rose
John 12/28/1779 – 1/25/1838 58y1m s/o Thankful Tanner & Wiat Rose
Martha Brown d. 1815 m. John Rose
Wiat 1/17/1754 – 2/23/1795 40y d/o Bethsheba Rose & Jeremiah Rose
Wiatt d. 11/6/1825 28y9m s/o Martha Brown & John Rose


Thankful 2/17/1752 – 4/18/1837 85y m. #1 Wiat Rose; #2 Daniel Brown d/o Deliverance Briggs & William Tanner


Martha 1744-1808
Martha Rose 4/6/1775 – 12/21/1808 33y m. John Tifft on Sept. 21, 1795 d/o Thankful Tanner & Wiat Rose


The Winston Cemetery was used from 1786 to 1838 and contains 6 gravesites. It can be located as follows: .6 mile from South Stephentown Road on Hager Road, there is a break in the stone wall on the right. Walk through this and, keeping the stone wall on the right in sight, go straight ahead uphill about 500’ to the large hillock.


Jerusha d. 1/20/1795 30y m. Abraham Jr.
Joseph d. 7/11/1786 19y


Jerusha Winston 1765-1795

“Relentlefs death Difolves
this houfe of Clay: - Parts near-
eft friends And fweeps
our hopes Away”
(the “f” is old script for “s”)


The Tinley Cemetery was used from 1847 to 1887 and contains 9 gravesites. It can be located as follows: .2 mile from Route 43 on Tinley Road is the beginning of the abandoned road. Park and walk ahead. Pass to the right of 3 “Y” intersections. After this go ahead about 25” and there is an opening in the stone wall on the right. Go through this and the cemetery is about 50’ ahead.


Isaac d. 5/6/1887 68y m. Mary Duncan (stone located at Stephentown Historical Society)
Isaac H. 1844-3/1860 16y s/o Mary & Isaac
Mary Duncan b. about 1820 – m. Isaac
Mary L. d. 8/11/1883 31y d/o Mary & Isaac
Young child 1858-4/1860 2y child of Mary & Isaac


Isaac 1819-1887

(This epitaph is on the back of the gravestone)

“Hast thou an arm like God
or canst thou thunder with voice like him.
Deck thyself now with majesty
And excellency and array thyself
With glory and beauty.
Cast abroad the rage of thy
Wrath and behold every one
That is proud and abase him.
Look on every one that is proud
And bring him low and tread
Down the wicked in their place.
Hide them in the dust together
And bind their faces in secret.
Then will I also confess unto
Thee that thine own right hand
Can save thee”

Stephentown/SHAW #1 (Anthony)

The Shaw #1 cemetery was used from 1783 to 1826 and contains 20 gravesites. It can be located as follows: From Jones Road go south on East Road 1 mile to a field, just south of a house. Walk across this field and go into the woods about 15’.


Benjamin 1792-7/9/1795 2y9m
Infant child of Anstic Nichols & Benjamin
Sisson 1763-3/4/1823 59y


Sisson Nichols 1763-1823

“My husband he is dead and gone
No more to me can he return
My hear is broken, forever will be
Until each others faces we see”


Abigail d. 4/1/1818 69y


Anthony 1/22/1751 – 8/7/1820 71y m. Susannah Remington on October 13, 1771; second wife Dinah Smith, Susannah’s niece
John 3/18/1779 – 3/22/1813 34y s/o Susannah & Anthony
Lydia 8/23/1783 – 12/24/1783 4m1d d/o Susannah & Anthony
Remington 7/5/1799 – 4/1811 11y s/o Dinah Smith & Anthony Shaw

Sarah 1743-4/4/1796 53y
Susannah d. 1/22/1797 48y m. Anthony Shaw


Anthony Shaw 1751-1820

“We live to die and die to live”


Polly 1792-1817
Thankful 1733-3/22/1823 91y


Polly Worden 1792-1817

“Friends and physicians cannot save
Great God I own thy sentence just
And nature must decay
I yield my body to the dust
To swell in this cold silent grave
Until the final judgment day”


The Farrington Cemetery was used from 1846 to 1873 and contains 9 gravesites. It can be located as follows: About 50’ along southern portion of Hotel Road, between two buildings, it is surrounded, in part, by a broken wrought iron fence.


Mason Edgar 1842-5/2/1857 15y7d d/o Tyrrissa & Ephraim Farrington
Tyrrissa d. 9/27/1859 48y m. Ephraim


Tyrrissa G. Farrington 1811-1859

“Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life is fled
Then in Heaven with joy to geet thee
Where no farewell tear is shed”


Caroline d. 9/25/1858 48y m. Joel C. Latham
Joel C. d. 8/31/1873 63y


Caroline A. Latham 1810-1858

“Her toils are past her
work is done
And now is fully blest
She fought the fight
The victory won
And entered into rest”


Isaac (Deacon) 1806-1865 (originally buried here, but moved to Stephentown Baptist Cemetery)


Deacon Isaac Newton 1806-1865

“He is not here”


Rogers J. d. 3/19/1860 8y10m3d s/o Angeline & Joseph Reynolds
Sarah d. 5/26/1860 28y3m2d


Effie Belle 1863-8/15/1865 1y10m2d d/o Harriet M. & Deserignias Roberts


Effie Belle Roberts 1863-1865

“Our little darling Effie Belle
Has gone to Heaven with Christ to dwell”


The Moon Cemetery was used from 1800 to 1830 and contains at least 6 gravesites. It can be located as follows: On West Road, go in driveway at #308. 50’ in you will find this cemetery on the left side, under an apple tree, in the middle of a rock garden. (Note: I located this cemetery in 1998, and it is all but forgotten, with stones lying on the ground and it is totally overgrown. – Tina)


Elizabeth M. d. 12/22/1827 2y9m d/o Polly & John Jr.
Ira G. d. 7/15/1812 8y s/o Polly & John Jr.
John 1738-1822 m. Ruth
Ruth 1744-1825


Benjamin G. d. 10/13/1806 1y9m15d d/o Hannah & Willett Vary
Willett d. 11/4/1830 56y10m7d m. Hannah Gardner s/o Hannah & Samuel Vary, Jr.


Ira G. Moon 1804-1812

“The Lord is just and kind
He gave us four he’s look but one”
(Broken stone and missing lines)

John R. Moon 1738-1822

“This stone Ive bought and placid it hear
In honour to my father dear, Mr. John Moon”
(words spelled as they appear)

Ruth Moon 1744-1825

“Go home my friends don’t mourn for me
Prepare yourselfs with Christ to be”

Benjamin G. Vary 1806-1808

“Sleep on sweet babe
And take thy rest
God called thee home
He thought it best”

Willett A. Vary 1774-1830

“Go home dear friends, lament no more
I am not lost but gone before”

The Leonard Cemetery was used from 1808 to 1840 and contains 4 gravesites. It can be located as follows: ¾ mile from Sutherland Road on Hunt Road, park before crossing twin bridges. Go to the right following logging trace made by double oxen team, following Roaring Brook on the left. Go about 1 ¼ miles, meeting Hunt Road as it used to cross the brook, turn right, then left until you come to stone walls on both sides of the road. Turn right and go up the hill 50’.


Catharine d. 11/1/1840 83y m. Justus Leonard
Catharine d. 2/18/1808 22y d/o Catharine & Justus
Justus d. 4/12/1840 81y9m
Susannah b. 9/27/1809, d/o Catharine & Justus
Sam Leonard ( suspects that a fifth grave is in this cemetery, and is the grave of:
David d. 3/21/1835, s/o Catharine & Justus

Catharine Leonard, d/o Justus & Catharine